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Are Medical Students Required to Take the National Exit Test?

The National Exit Test, often known as the Next, is a government licencing examination that medical students seeking an MBBS in India and outside must take. All medical students who wish to practise in India must pass the Next test. It also acts as a springboard for medical students’ post-graduation coursework. The Next exam follows a pattern of conducting its two sections, Next 1 and Next 2.

Every year, a theoretical test known as Next-1 is administered. This test is administered online using computer-based testing (CBT) and uses a multiple-choice question (MCQ) style. This exam comprises of six exams that cover every subject from the MBBS final year and assesses the student’s conceptual knowledge.

Next-2 is a Viva-based, practical/clinical test. All seven clinical subjects are covered in this test. The test will be given in person by the approved university or the state medical university of the relevant college.

MBBS curriculum is broken down into three stages: Prior to Clinic

  • Pre-Clinical
  • Para-Clinical
  • Clinical

Thereafter, the clinical phase is split into two halves.

In the para-clinical phase, Next is anticipated to replace the theory exam. The student can move on to the clinical phase (Next-2) once they have passed the Next-1. Students can enrol in Next-2 after completing a one-year, rotational internship requirement.

Next Assessment Procedure

Next is carried out in two stages. Next 2 is the next exam that students take after passing Next 1. The two distinct tests have various formats and are required of the pupils. Students need to get at least 50% of their Next 1 marks in order to be eligible for the Next 2. The students’ performance in Next 2 is the sole basis for evaluation; they are assessed on their practical knowledge, and their results determine whether they pass or fail.

Indian Medical Practise Requirements

There are two types of medical graduates: foreign medical graduates (FMG) are students who finish their medical education from a foreign university, and Indian medical graduates (IMG) study and complete their MBBS courses in India. For both IMG and FMG students, passing the Next test is required. Before Next was introduced, as part of the Indian curriculum, IMGs could get their medical licence immediately upon completion of a mandatory rotational internship. However, with the launch of Next, in order to be qualified to practise medicine in India, all medical students—both FMG and IMG—must show up for the test.

Formerly, Foreign Graduate Medical Examiners (FMGs) had to pass this test in order to be granted a licence to practise medicine in India.

The introduction of Next represents a substantial shift. The FMGE test will no longer be necessary for foreign medical graduates (FMGs) to get a licence. Additionally, passing Next would allow students to enrol in graduate programmes in India and other advanced programmes.

To become a licenced medical practitioner in India, students must pass the Next test. Students must pass the following exams in order to be admitted to postgraduate wide specialty courses in medicine: Next 1, their internship, the final MBBS practical test administered by their individual institutions, and Next 2.

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