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Top Medical Universities in Russia

Best Medical Colleges in Russia, Top Medical Universities in Russia

Top 10 Medical colleges in Russia for Indian Students.

Russian medical universities occupy about 30 of the top 100 medical institutions, according to the WHO Rankings. Russian universities offer the most advanced and cutting-edge medical education available anywhere in the world because every medical institution in that country is well-equipped and the teaching methods are organized and standardised. Russian medical universities have received accreditation from the WHO and NMC India. Due to its top-notch facilities, cutting-edge technology, and infrastructure, Russia has become the top choice for Indian students interested in studying medicine. More than 70,000 Indian students are currently enrolled at the top medical schools in Russia, according to the Indian Embassy in Moscow.

These are the best medical colleges in Russia for Indian students based on reputation and scientific research

No.1 Altai State Medical University

 Altai State Medical University (AGMU), one of Russia’s best medical college, it is situated in West Siberia and provides top-notch medical education. The Altai State Medical University is located in Barnaul, the county seat of Altai Krai. For sixty years, the local healthcare system has benefited from the expertise of graduates from the Altai State Medical University.

  • Country Ranking: 15
  • World Ranking: 4471
  • Tuition: 300,000 Ruble

No.2 First Moscow State Medical University

The oldest medical college in Russia is First Moscow State Medical University. As one of Russia’s top medical colleges and the birthplace of the majority of medical colleges and scientific societies, Moscow State Medical University was established in 1758. In the list of Best Global Universities, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University is placed 1321. Sechenov University has been a leader in the Russian healthcare system for more than 200 years. The University employed many brilliant doctors and scientists who made significant contributions to the development of medicine.

  • Country Ranking: 36
  • World Ranking: 439
  • Tuition: 9800 USD

No.3 Bashkir State Medical University

One of Russia’s largest medical and scientific institutions is the Bashkir State Medical University in Ufa. The Russian Ministry of Education has granted permission to Bashkir State Medical University to train foreign students. One of the top medical schools in Russia, Bashkir State Medical University, is ranked fifth overall.

  • Country Ranking: 48
  • World ranking: 3538
  • Tuition: 2,73,000 Rubles

No.4 Crimea State Medical University

With a total enrollment of about 5,000 students, Crimea State Medical University is regarded as one of Russia’s top research and educational institutions. The higher medical education facility is located in Simferopol, Russia, and is known as the S. I. Georgievsky Crimea State Medical University. It hails from one of Russia’s top 10 medical schools, according to certain unbiased assessments. The Crimea Medical University has served as a hub for academic and practical medical education and medical science in Crimea while also providing specialised general medicine and pharmacy courses.

  • Country Ranking:44
  • World ranking: 3512
  • Tuition: 250,000 Ruble

No.5 Volgograd State Medical University

Among Russian medical universities, Volgograd State Medical University rose to a very high position. Since its inception, the university has recruited highly skilled personnel with international teaching expertise. There are currently 800+ highly skilled professors and instructors on the University’s teaching faculty, including 14 academicians, 108 professors, and 445 associate professors.

  • Country Ranking:42
  • World ranking: 3108
  • Tuition: 5900 USD

No.6 Orel State Medical University

The Orel State Medical University is exceptional in a number of ways. The only Russian classical university that is a part of the Association of Classical Universities is Orel State Medical University. The Orel State Medical University offers 110 fundamental higher education programmes over major divisions of 14 training areas and specialties. The university of today carries on the best traditions of Russian medical education.

  • Country Ranking:31
  • World ranking: 3297
  • Tuition: 200,000 Ruble

No.7 Kazan State Medical University

Kazan State Medical University is situated in Russia’s centre region. One of the most recognised medical universities in Russia, Kazan State Medical University, has graduated several Indians. A state medical institution with multiple levels and goals is the Kazan State Medical University. Kazan State Medical University’s standing

  • Country Ranking:31
  • World ranking: 3358
  • Tuition: 350,000 Ruble

No.8 Kursk State Medical University

One of the best medical universities in Russia, Kursk State Medical University was founded in 1935 and is situated in Kursk, a city 465 km from Moscow. Among the best medical universities in Russia, Kursk State Medical University enjoys a solid reputation and a high ranking. The first medical school in Russia to start teaching MBBS in English was Kursk. As a result, a sizable number of foreign students enrol at Kursk Medical University to study MBBS.

  • Country Ranking:61
  • World ranking: 4344
  • Tuition: 380,000 Ruble

No.9 Ulyanovsk State Medical University

Among top Russian medical universities, Ulyanovsk State Medical University comes on a very high position. Since its establishment, the university has recruited highly skilled personnel with international teaching expertise. There are currently 900+ highly skilled professors and instructors on the University’s teaching faculty, including 24 academicians, 129 professors, and 529 associate professors.

  • Country Ranking:33
  • World ranking: 3008
  • Tuition: 6200 USD

No.10 Saint Petersburg State Medical University

Saint Petersburg State Medical University is widely acknowledged as a major hub for training specialists in a variety of medical fields and makes a significant contribution to the growth of medical sciences and health care services in Russia. The university has excellent relationships with numerous medical schools and institutions worldwide and has a strong capacity for scientific research and teaching. Students at St. Petersburg State Medical University have the opportunity to pursue modern education while upholding the finest traditions of earlier Russian medical institutions.

  • Country Ranking:234
  • World ranking: 38104
  • Tuition: 6200 USD

The list of Russian medical universities recognised by NMC has been made official by the NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION (NMC), based on information from the relevant Indian Embassy or High Commission.

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